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Southern CARE (COMPASS Addressing Regional Emergencies
Funding in Response to COVID-19 in the Deep South
Made possible through the generous support of GILEAD Sciences, Inc.

Southern CARE (COMPASS Addressing Regional Emergencies) was created to support existing grant partners of the Coordinating Centers of the Gilead COMPASS Initiative®.  During this time of unprecedented challenges, the Coordinating Centers of the Gilead COMPASS Initiative® recognize the significant impact that COVID-19 is having on all of us, especially community-based organizations that are committed to continuing their mission-driven service to their communities.  

Organizations are encouraged to apply to supplement payment of necessary expenses, including (but not limited to): operating costs, suspended services, COVID-19 related supplies (cleaning supplies, gloves, personal protective equipment) or to support furloughed employees. Available funding is limited, so we ask that you please make requests to cover only those services that are truly essential. This will allow us to help the greatest number of organizations meet essential needs. 

This funding opportunity is limited to those COMPASS grant partners who are NOT eligible for funding from  the Gilead CARES Grantee Fund.   

Application Submission & Eligibility
Southern CARE applications are open from June 1st-June 15th.  Applications must be completed and submitted no later than 11:59pm ET on Monday, June 15th

This opportunity is open only to organizations currently or previously funded by the Gilead COMPASS Initiative® through one of the COMPASS Coordinating Centers (i.e., Emory University, University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work, or Southern AIDS Coalition); not directly funded by Gilead Science, Inc.  (Organizations that are directly funded by Gilead Sciences are eligible to apply directly to their Gilead CARES Fund for emergency support in the wake of COVID-19. For questions regarding Gilead CARES, please contact grants@gilead.com).  

Southern CARE will award a total of $340,000 in funding.  Organizations can apply for up to $15,000.  Given that funds are limited, organizations are encouraged to only apply for emergency funding that is necessary to meet immediate needs.

Allowable Expenses
Emergency funds must be allocated to expenses directly related to the unforeseen challenges of COVID-19. Examples of allowable expenses include:

  • General operating support to sustain critical operations, including: costs related to continued operations of existing programs, basic operations expenses, COVID-19 related supplies, and  costs to transition to virtual platforms.

For specific questions regarding this funding opportunity, email info@gileadcompass.com. Please place “Southern CARE Grant” in the subject line. 

Southern CARE Common Questions

When is the deadline to apply? 
The Southern CARE application will open on Monday, June 1st. Completed applications must be submitted by Monday, June 15th  by 11:59pmET. 

When will funding decisions be made? 
Funding decisions will be made by July 1, 2020. 

Can my organization submit multiple requests for funding?
No. Only one application will be accepted per organization. 

Can I apply if my organization has already received a grant from the Gilead COMPASS Initiative® through one of the Coordinating Centers (i.e., Emory University, University of Houston, or Southern AIDS Coalition)? 
Yes. Southern CARE is a funding opportunity only available to organizations who have been awarded a grant from one of the COMPASS Coordinating Centers, and who are not directly funded by Gilead Sciences.  To confirm your organization’s eligibility, please contact the   Coordinating Center that has previously awarded a grant to you, or email info@gileadcompass.com

Can I apply if my organization has never been funded by the Gilead COMPASS Initiative® through one of the Coordinating Centers?
No. Southern CARE is only open to organizations who have previously received a grant from one of the COMPASS Coordinating Centers. 

Is funding guaranteed? 
No. Funding is not guaranteed.  The COMPASS Coordinating Centers reserve the right to decline an application, or to award an amount less that requested. 

If awarded a Southern CARE grant, can my organization still apply for other programmatic grants through the Gilead COMPASS Initiative® ? 
Yes. Receiving a Southern CARE grant does not preclude your organization from applying for programmatic grants through the Gilead COMPASS Initiative®. 

What information will my organization need to provide for the application? 
The Southern CARE application is brief and to the point.  You should be prepared to share information that describes the challenges you face in the wake of COVID-19, and respond to the following: 

1. Briefly discuss the impact COVID-19 has had on current programs, events and services offered by your organization. (50 word minimum)

2. Describe how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted your organization’s financial health and the anticipated long-term implications impacting organizational sustainability. (50 word minimum)

3. Provide the amount of funds your organization has on hand/reserves.  Based on this amount, do you anticipate that your organization will have to close, eliminate critical programming, or reduce your staff as a result? 

4. Describe how emergency funds, if granted, would be used to support your organization. Please include the total amount requested and an explanation for use of funds. (50 word minimum)

5. Has your organization applied for and/or received any other emergency funding in response to COVID-19?  If so, please share the status of said applications and the nature of any awarded funds.

Additionally, organizations are required to submit: 

  • Supplier Information Form - upload the Excel spreadsheet upon completion, PDFs are not permissible. This form is only required for organizations that have not been previously funded by Emory COMPASS Coordinating Center. Please email info@gileadcompass.com for assistance completing this form

What is the Gilead COMPASS Initiative®?

The Gilead COMPASS (Commitment to Partnership in Addressing HIV/AIDS in Southern States) Initiative® is an unprecedented more than $100 million commitment over 10 years to support organizations working to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Southern United States. The South is most affected by the HIV epidemic, accounting for 54% of all new HIV diagnoses in the U.S. In response to the Southern HIV epidemic, COMPASS focuses on providing concentrated investments in the region to reduce HIV-related health disparities, build awareness, advance education, and reduce stigma.

Who are the COMPASS Coordinating Centers?

The Gilead COMPASS Initiative® is led by three Coordinating Centers working collaboratively to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Southern region of the United States. Each Coordinating Center is leading the provision of trainings and funding related to one of the three primary focus areas of COMPASS. Community investment around these three focus areas occurs through trainings, grants, and collaborative learning opportunities. The Coordinating Centers have targeted their work across the nine-state Deep South region – Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas – providing community grants, collaborative learning opportunities, and capacity building assistance to organizations in the region. Other southern states are currently under consideration for addition to the initiative’s focus area.


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