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PoWER Advance 

The Emory University COMPASS Coordinating Center
The Emory University COMPASS Coordinating Center (ECCC) champions organizational capacity building through a range of strategic initiatives including grant making, organizational assessments, technical assistance, and meticulous evaluation. By leveraging innovative technologies and data-driven insights, ECCC seeks to enhance the effectiveness and resilience of nonprofits, ensuring they are well-equipped to meet and respond to community needs effectively.

PoWER Institute (Partners Working for Enhanced Results) PoWER Advance
PoWER Advance is an initiative designed to empower established nonprofit organizations through a targeted three-day workshop. This program is specifically tailored to strengthen participants' capabilities in four key areas:

  • Building a Robust Foundation in Organizational Sustainability 
  • Developing and Implementing Strategic Funding Plans
  • Enhancing Leadership and Change Management Skills
  • Equipping for Effective Implementation

PoWER Advance offers a comprehensive three-day workshop designed to enhance nonprofit sustainability and leadership. The program starts with a deep dive into sustainability principles tailored for nonprofit organizations, followed by practical applications to integrate these principles into daily operations. Day two shifts focus towards strategic funding and resource management, teaching participants how to identify and secure diverse funding streams, and manage resources effectively to support strategic goals. The final day emphasizes strengthening leadership skills and implementing change management strategies, equipping participants to lead sustainable transformations and apply continuous improvement practices to their projects. Each session is filled with interactive discussions, hands-on activities, and case studies to ensure practical learning and immediate applicability to the participants’ organizational contexts. Participants may only apply to one of the sessions, which are available in two different locations.

    Session A - Charlotte, North Carolina           August 25 - August 28
    Session B - Tulsa, Oklahoma         September 29- October 2

Location-Based Scholarship Eligibility: Scholarships are available to applicants traveling more than a 2-hour drive from the training location. Priority will be given to organizations within states bordering the state where the training will be held.
If your organization meets the distance criteria outlined and requires financial assistance to attend the training, please indicate your need for a scholarship in your application. We appreciate your understanding and adherence to these guidelines. Should you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Who Should Apply?
PoWER Advance is designed for organizations that are committed to strategic growth and ensuring their long-term viability. Ideal candidates are small to moderate in size, offer multiple programs and services, and are proactive in planning for the future sustainability of their operations. With budgets of less than $1,000,000, these organizations demonstrate a strong intention to develop and enhance their capacities and infrastructures for enduring success. All participating organizations must hold 501(c)(3) status or have a fiscal sponsor to ensure eligibility and commitment to structured growth and improvement.


Organizations interested in participating in the PoWER Institutes must demonstrate a commitment to improving the functioning of their organizations and have an interest in expanding services in areas that have minimal resources available to people living with or impacted by HIV.  Organizations in the following Southern states are eligible to apply (AL, AR, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, OK, SC, TN or TX). Space is limited, with only ten (10) organizations able to attend each session. Of these, five (5) may be eligible for a scholarship, providing additional financial support to assist with participation costs.

Each organization is required to send three members to participate in the program, including two senior leaders or development staff who play a key role in strategic and operational planning. These participants are expected to commit to attending all in-person sessions and coaching sessions. Additionally, the third participant should be a young, emerging leader who is under the age of 28, identified for their potential to one day hold top executive positions within the organization. This young leader should already be taking on significant responsibilities and show promise in contributing to organizational development and fundraising efforts. Ideal candidates for this role are dynamic and forward-thinking, poised to absorb and apply new strategies that will help propel the organization forward.

Organizations eligible to participate in the PoWER Institutes must:

  • Be an AIDS Service Organization, a CBO that prioritizes HIV/AIDS prevention or care services, or is a CBO with a substantial budgetary investment in HIV related programming
  • Have an organization budget less than of less than $1,000,000.
  • Be located in and doing work within the following 12 Southern states (AL, AR, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, OK, SC, TN or TX)
  • Be a non-profit, tax-exempt organization as set forth in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Applicants that do not hold 501(c)(3) status must have a fiscal sponsor to apply.
  • Be an organization with a minimum of 2 years of providing services, and at least 1 year of demonstrated experience in providing HIV/AIDS specific services.
  • Ensure all three participants can commit to fully engage in all activities scheduled for each of the three days.

PoWER Advance Timeline: 2024 Cohort
Application Due                                     June 21, 2024 
Notification of Acceptance                     July 01, 2024
Session A                                              August 25, 2024
Session B                                             September 29, 2024

**Attendance is mandatory. Please do not apply if you aren't available to attend the sessions.

Application Instructions

A complete application for the PoWER Institute includes: 

  • Application form (including Participating staff profiles)
  • 501(c)(3) Verification
  • Completed Organizational Assessment (upload a copy of the summary provided at the end of the assessment)
  • Commitments & Obligation Form

Applications should be completed ONLINE and submitted through the COMPASS Initiative® application portal. Required attachments should be uploaded in the appropriate place in the application. Applications received AFTER 11:59PM EST on June 17, 2024  WILL NOT BE REVIEWED or CONSIDERED for participation.


**Participation in PoWER Advance does not guarantee successful award of additional COMPASS Initiative® funding, nor other grant opportunities.

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