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COMPASS Initiative® Community Investment Opportunities
Investing in the community means providing resources, skills, and support to those at the frontline of the HIV epidemic. It also acknowledges the unique barriers to care that many communities in the South experience. The community investments provided by the COMPASS Initiative® will focus on addressing these barriers by increasing organizational capacity, building awareness, reducing HIV-related stigma, advancing education, sharing knowledge, and promoting the wellbeing of individuals through mental health services and trauma-informed care.



ACTION 2022-2023: Promoting Community Solidarity Through Language Justice

ACTION 2022 is a grant and capacity building opportunity for Latinx and/or BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) TGNC led organizations. ACTION 2022 supports sustainable action-oriented programs, projects, or initiatives to enhance trauma-informed and harm reduction approaches, community wellness and wellbeing, and/or mental health services in the context of HIV. As a grant, ACTION will provide direct funding between $55,000-$60,000  to promote solidarity within and across communities through Language Justice. As a capacity building opportunity, ACTION 2022 will provide direct funds, training, and coaching to support Language Justice programs.

For more detailed information click here. Applications received AFTER 11:59PM EST on August 22, 2022, WILL NOT BE REVIEWED or CONSIDERED for participation.

Collaborative Learning

PoWER Institute: PoWER Leadership 2022

PoWER Leadership is a three (3) day leadership retreat designed to strengthen the individual leader’s knowledge, skill sets, and ability to engage their team, organization, and the communities they serve. The goal of PoWER Leadership is to increase participants chance for organizational success by:

  • Broadening their understanding of their role as a leader
  • Developing key skills and best practices for achieving high quality results
  • Deepening the leader’s relationship with their personal and organizational why

To achieve this goal, participants will be asked to step away from the day to day operations of their organizations and totally focus on self-development.

The Institute is a synchronized learning opportunity that includes rigorous assessment, cooperative learning, and individual coaching. Participants will work closely with the institute coaches to examine the strengths and weaknesses, and to develop a plan for their future success.

For more detailed information click here. Applications received AFTER 11:59PM EST (10:59PM CST) on August 28, 2022, WILL NOT BE REVIEWED or CONSIDERED for participation.

**Participation in the PoWER Leadership does not guarantee successful award of additional COMPASS Initiative funding, nor other grant opportunities.

Trainings & Consultations

Capacity Building Assistance Consultation Form
The Emory University Coordinating Center provides consultations to facilitate individual or organizational change among organizations in the South.  Available capacity building consultations include: Governance and Leadership, Mission, Values, & Strategy, Finance and Administration, Resource Development, Strategic Relationships and Coalition Building, Communications, Internal Management and Operations, and Service Delivery and Impact. Click below to submit a request for a consultation.

Stigma Reduction & Culturally Appropriate Care
These trainings emphasize the need for HIV awareness, stigma reduction, and culturally appropriate care in our effort to address the epidemic in the Southern United States. Training topics include Undoing Racism, Stigma & HIV, Cultural Competence & Humility, and Addressing Employment Needs & Maximizing Opportunities for People Living with/or at Greater Vulnerability to HIV.


If you have questions about any of the Community Investment opportunities,
you can contact us at info@gileadcompass.com.