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COMPASS Initiative® PoWER Institute
(Partners Working for Enhanced Results)

  PoWER Communication
  August 4, 2020 - October 20, 2020



The Emory University COMPASS Coordinating Center
The Emory University COMPASS Coordinating Center (ECCC) supports organizational capacity building through grant making, organizational assessments and technical assistance, and evaluation. By starting with the data, using innovative mapping strategies to meet unmet needs, using technology to promote information sharing, and careful program evaluation and monitoring, the Emory Center intends to help impact HIV in the south by:

  • Improving access to high quality services
  • Building sustainable organizational capacity
  • Nurturing the development of organizations that are of the community and responsive to community needs
  • Leaving organizational partners stronger and more resilient as a result of shared work

PoWER Institute (Partners Working for Enhanced Results) PoWER Communication
Goal: To equip organizations with a strategic communications plan to elevate their message and work via a world-class empowering coaching institute.

The PoWER Institute’s “PoWER Communication” is a communication focused, 3-month intensive collaborative learning opportunity for new and existing CBO organizations interested in developing a clear and comprehensive communications plan to amplify the impactful work of their organization. The goal is to equip  organizations with a strategic communications plan to elevate and build credence in the work of the organization. This program is designed for organizations that desire to spotlight and amplify the organizations’ message with continuity and creativity; and learn how to effectively tell the story of your organization.

The institute will be led by Marvin Anderson of Media Kare Consulting and Saddi Thompson of Alva Odessa LLC., equipped with more than 25 years of media and communications experience and expertise, and will serve as the PoWER Coaches.

Our design features web-based trainings (6), and individualized consultations with a Capacity Building Coach (1-2x/month).  The intent of PoWER Communications is to help participating organizations learn how to:

  • Clarify Messaging and identify brand identity
  • Learn how to navigate the different type of communication platforms
  • Learn how to produce meaningful and engaging content
  • Learn how to craft a content marketing strategy
  • Develop and Execute a communications plan
  • Learn how to tell your organization's story through media

PoWER Communication will provide organizations with an opportunity to share this experience with staff personnel that focuses on the organization’s communications development.     

Who Should Apply?
Executive Directors, Directors of Communications, Media Coordinators, Social Media Manager/Coordinators, or staff members affiliated with coordinating the communications of an organization should apply, in partnership with a leader from within their organizations, that will focus on the organization’s communications scope of work.  Each organization is required to send 2 members of their organization to commit to participate in all group and individual coaching sessions. These sessions are not intended for direct service staff without the engagement of a decision maker within the organization.


Organizations interested in participating in the PoWER Institutes must demonstrate a commitment to improving the functioning of their organizations and leadership, and have an interest in expanding services in areas that have minimal resources available to people living with or impacted by HIV.  Institutes will be offered 1-2 times each year in a different region within the Deep South states (AL, FL, GA, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN or TX). Space is limited (up to ten (10) organizations will be selected to participate), and a stipend will be available to organizations that are accepted. 

Organizations eligible to participate in the PoWER Institutes must:

  • Have an established mission & vision statement
  • Have establshed social media presence for at least 3 months; does not have to be robust 
  • Be an AIDS Service Organization; a CBO that prioritizes HIV/AIDS prevention or care services, or is a CBO with a substantial budgetary investment in HIV related programming
  • Have an organization budget less than $1 million
  • Be located in and doing work within the 9 Deep South states (AL, FL, GA, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN or TX)
  • Be a non-profit, tax-exempt organization as set forth in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Applicants that do not hold 501(c)(3) status must have a fiscal sponsor to apply.
  • Be an organization with a minimum of 2 years of providing services, and at least 1 year of demonstrated experience in providing HIV/AIDS specific services.
  • Fully participate including attendance at all virtual group learning and coaching sessions. . 
  • Have the ability to participate in Zoom meetings (computer technology that will allow video and web conferencing with camera and sound).
  • If travel is approved, safe, and preferred, must have the ability and willingness to travel to the host site if you are less than 3 hours away (You will have to provide your own transportation if less than 3 hours away from the site of sessions.  Reimbursement for mileage will be available). Must also have the ability and/or willingness to fly to in person sessions if more than 3 hours away.

Note:  Participation is MANDATORY for all scheduled in-person, coaching and web-based sessions in order to qualify for the final stipend payment.

An organizational stipend (up to $7,500; contingent upon completion of all sessions) will be available to all accepted participants.    


PoWER Leadership Timeline: 2020 Cohort
Application Due                                     July 22, 2020 
Notification of Acceptance                     July 29, 2020
Orientation Session                               August 4,2020
Webinars (monthly)                               August 4th, 5th & 18th, Sept. 1st & 15th, October 6th & 20th  
Final Session                                         October 20th, Location & Format (TBD if appropriate)

Coaching Sessions                                As scheduled


Application Instructions
A complete application for the PoWER Institute includes: 

  • Application form (including Participating staff profiles)
  • 501(c)(3) Verification
  • Completed Organizational Assessment (upload a copy of the summary provided at the end of the assessment)
  • Commitments & Obligation Form

Applications should be completed ONLINE and submitted through the COMPASS Initiative® application portal. Required attachments should be uploaded in the appropriate place in the application. Applications received AFTER 11:59PM EST on July 22, 2020  WILL NOT BE REVIEWED or CONSIDERED for participation.


**Participation in the PoWER Communication Institute does not guarantee successful award of additional COMPASS Initiative® funding, nor other grant opportunities.

Please return to the Home page to apply for this funding opportunity.